Kungfu Tradicional em Campinas/SP

aulas particulares com o discípulo do Grão-Mestre Brendan Lai, Samuel Mendonça, phd


Com experiência de ensino do kungfu louva-a-deus do norte, linhagem do Grão-mestre Brendan Lai (Hong Kong/USA), há mais de 20 anos e tendo formado diversos instrutores que ensinam em diferentes estados brasileiros pelo Lai Kungfu, o Instrutor Samuel Mendonça oferece aulas particulares na cidade de Campinas/SP. O (a) interessado (a) deve entrar em contato e se submeter a uma entrevista para a possibilidade de pertencer à família Lai Kungfu!


Portanto, se você tem conhecimento do nosso trabalho, da tradição do louva-a-deus de Hong Kong, da linhagem do Grão-mestre Wong Hon Fun e de seu único discípulo que ensinou no Brasil, o Grão-Mestre Brendan Lai, além da competência do Mestre Tony Chuy de NYC, e pretende praticar o genuíno kungfu louva-a-deus tradicional, entre em contato. 


Mais informações pelo Instagram: @laikungfucampinas ou por WhatsApp 19 971541972


Sejam bem vindos (as)!

Samuel Mendonça (ph.d.)




Fabricio Pires - RJ - Master Tony Chuy NYC and Samuel Mendonça - SP

Master Tony Chuy Biography


Master Tony Chuy began his martial arts training at the age of 14 in Hong Kong, where he studied under Grandmaster Lam Hay who taught Northern Eagle Claw and Choy Lee Fut styles. He later studied the Praying Mantis system under Grandmaster Brendan Lai and Grandmaster Chiu, Chuk-Kai and became a disciple of the system.


Aside from his thorough knowledge of the Praying Mantis style, Master Chuy has studied and become proficient in various Northern and Southern Chinese weaponry. He has won many awards in black belt kata, weapons and full-contact tournaments. Master Chuy has also judged and refereed at various tournaments since 1979.


In the Spring of 1982, with the permission of his teachers, Master Chuy established the Praying Mantis Martial Art Institute in New York City. Aside from teaching in his own studio, Master Chuy also taught martial arts at the Overseas Chinese Television Network’s Actors Training Class and at the Transfiguration Church Chinese Language School. Over the years, Master Chuy and his students have participated in over 300 martial arts and lion dance performances at various celebrations, festivals, cultural events, parades, fund raising events, charitable and social occasions held throughout New York and New Jersey. Furthermore, Master Chuy has appeared on the covers of and has been featured in several martial arts magazines throughout the United States, China, Hong Kong and Japan.


Master Chuy’s goal is to further promote Chinese martial arts and share its philosophy and benefits with the West. His philosophy of studying and practicing the Chinese martial arts reflects the drive for perfection, and the utilization of discipline to improve one’s life. He believes the benefits of studying and practicing include not only improving health and physical fitness, but extend to the development of other attributes such as courtesy, respect, discipline, endurance and the improvement of one’s personality.